Sunday night, June 5th, was pretty special for me. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

It all began last May, sitting in my room, computer on my lap, guitar leaning against the chair, looking out the window with a deep breath, beginning work on new songs. It may sound romantic, but writing songs is a lot of work, at least for me. Over the next 6 months or so, I wrote, re-wrote, asked trusted friends advice, re-wrote, and prayed that somehow God would use these offerings to encourage people.

This past winter, I packed up my guitars and headed to Nashville for three weeks (home on the weekends). There, I had the unbelievable privilege of working with Ben Shive, an incredible musician and producer. He took my songs and made them better, considerably better. He then brought in incredibly gifted musicians to lend their talent to the recording as well. For me, it was magic. I felt like a little boy in a candy shop with a grin that couldn’t be wiped away. A record was born.

Which brings me to this last Sunday night. Mission Hills Church (who graciously hosted the evening) was packed with friends, family, and a few strangers. The stage was full of lights, props, and instruments. Backstage, I wasn’t nervous as much as emotional. A year of work. A ton of people who helped shaped this project. Some of my best friends in the world helping me pull this whole thing off.

The concert was was a blast! No train-wrecks musically, lots of good energy, and God was honored.

To be honest, I’m really sick of myself right now. Tired of talking about my writing, tired of cajoling everyone into coming to the show, tired of seeing my picture on posters and CD covers.

But, I’m thankful. Thankful that with help of talented friends, what began in my room last May blossomed into a new project and a fun night.


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